Womens Leadership Summit

October 31 - November 01, 2018
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade, Serbia

Innovative Leadership In Unpredictable Fast Changing World

Join us for two days of networking with the leading professionals from a different fields.



Find out how most influential  leaders drive transformation in fast changing world and how innovative technologies can  contribute and shape the future of equal opportunity.





Wednesday, 31th October, 18:00
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade

  • AFA Welcome Addressee key Note: Government Officials
  • Addressing a government representative Zorana Mihajlovic - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure
  • Round table “Female empowerment through innovation and technology”, Facilitator: Rina Bar-Tal, Former Chair, Israel Women’s Network
  • Cocktail Reception


Thursday, 1st November, 9:00
Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade

  • ” How technology is helping close the gender gap and empower women”
  • “How Leaders drive change – how to use the power of business to address society’s greatest challenges”
  • “Disrupt Or Be Disrupted - How Disruptive Technology Will Shape The Future Of Finance And Impact The World”
  • “Technology And Entrepreneurship – Two Unused Tools Empowering Women”
  • “How To Lead In The Time Of Digital Transformation And Foster Innovation In Health Care”
  • “Networking And Power Of Networks”
  • Cocktails In Honor Of Leaders Of Tomorrow

Workshop 4Women2Top, Einat Gan El and Ilana Stein

Can women be more successful in their careers? Can more women reach higher leadership roles, top management positions and play a more influential role in business and society?

4women2top, is providing solutions and tools to maximize the capabilities of women in the workplace and help them to  overcome obstacles and maximize their abilities to get ahead and move up the career ladder higher and faster.

The workshop is designed to share ideas, methods, knowledge and useful practices to guide and assist women and organizations so that more women will reach higher positions and we will have more gender diversity in the workplace.

Gender equality is an important factor in companies’ success. Studies show that more women in corporate leadership can significantly increase profitability up to 15%. 


 We are pleased to work on creating a better society in partnership with companies that share their international experience with and help us to shape together a society of equal opportunities for economic development through innovation and technology.


Event location

Radisson Collection Hotel, Old Mill Belgrade, Serbia
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